Henry Knox

Henry Knox has inspired us to think about how difficult and necessary tasks get done. Although he was from humble origins (his father died at sea, forcing him to leave school at 12 and apprentice at a bookstore), Knox did amazing things in General George Washington’s continental army. He found himself in almost all of the major battles of the Revolutionary War and went on later in his life to become the first Secretary of War.

One event that inspires us most is the project that Knox and his brother undertook to bring artillery from Fort Ticonderoga in up-state New York to aid in the Battle of Boston, a battle won in large part because of the reinforcements from Knox. What amazes us further was his ingenuity, grit, resourcefulness and vision while transporting 60 tons of canon over rivers, muddy roads and icy rivers.

In our own goals to be great problem solvers, we can’t help but be inspired by the life of Knox. Take a moment to find out more about him. You’ll be impressed.