Knox Academy is a part-time school that focuses on the skills the students will need to be 21st century creative problem solvers. We cannot predict the world our youth will enter, therefore the ability to think critically, collaborate, communicate and solve problems become the qualities most important for their success. We use projects to build these skills and also while connecting the students to the community around them. Students should be allowed to work through their own ideas for solving problems in our community and world.

Through project-based learning, school mentors encourage and direct research and study through the integration of math, history, science, and language arts. Students also have options to learn and refine other technical and educational skills in areas such as dance, art, computer science, foreign language, physical education, and leadership.

True creativity is trial and error until we become successful. Knox Academy takes seriously peer collaboration and respectful critique. It is the process of every success in the world. Students are asked to follow a set of protocols to evaluate each other with directness and kindness.