SCOTT MORRIS: Scholar and Love of Learning Teacher

Scott Morris thinks that learning should happen everywhere, which is why he and his wife try to go everywhere: Taiwan, Thailand, Saipan, East Coast, West Coast, and he dreams of going to the moon, though that might be hard to take the family. After getting his master’s degree in American literature, he taught writing, history and math both in college and in the private k-12 setting. It is Scott’s goal to make something explode everyday, dance at least five minutes a day, and to help every student become their best selves.

HAILEY PARNELL: Love of Learning Teacher/Art Teacher

Hailey Parnell was fortunate to grow up around the world as her mom homepictureschooled her and her dad flew planes for the Air Force. She studied illustration at USU and graduated from Paier College of Art in 2002 with a BFA in Illustration. Hailey loves reading, painting, knitting, teaching art classes and helping her own three children learn about the world around them. Homeschooling has offered her a great opportunity to explore how children learn best and how to create a rich, inspiring environment for them. Hailey believes in joyful learning and helping kids make connections through reading, drawing, playing, creating and experimenting!

RENAE SOUTHWORTH: Core Teacher, Mexico/Humanitarian Coordinator

Renae brings to Knox Academy a great positive energy. She is looking to focus on emotional intelligence with our Core class, while continuing the foundation of hands-on learning that the students have loved.

Renae has lived and traveled all around the world and brings a fresh perspective and desire to serve our local and global community. She is coordinating our Mexico Humanitarian trip for the third year, partnering with locals from La Mision, Baja, Mexico to create service projects that the locals both need and can collaborate with.

CONNOR SOUTHWORTH: Entrepreneurship teacher/Community Collaborator

Connor is a local entrepreneur who has founded several successful internet companies. He focuses on creating smart businesses that are more than just a job, they are a true, sellable assett that generates income without requiring a large investment of time.

Connor is a great mentor for the kids; he helps them to see that they can develop and use their interests and talents to be successful, not just in the future, but NOW!

MARK PARNELL: Science Community Collaborator

Mark Parnell is from rural central Utah. He studied Physics at Utah State University and received a PhD in Biochemistry from Yale University. He is currently the lead scientist for a Utah-based drug discovery company, focused on cancer therapies. Mark followed his wife Hailey into the amazing world of homeschooling and family partner schooling, at first with skepticism, now with enthusiasm. His role at Knox Academy will mostly be to help as a mentor to students that are interested in science-related projects.

STEVE WEAVER: Computers/Technology Community Collaborator

Steve has worked in the tech industry for decades, currently working for fortune 500 company Juniper. Steve has also been a dean of computer science, a small business owner and, of course, a ham radio operator (his handle is “big dawg”). He will mentor students in whatever tech ideas they have.